What is the MBBR bio filter media?


MBBR stands for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, and it is a type of wastewater treatment process that utilizes biofilm technology to remove organic and inorganic pollutants from water. MBBR bio filter media, also known as MBBR carriers or MBBR media, play a crucial role in the MBBR system.

MBBR bio filter media are small, specially designed plastic or composite particles that provide a surface area for the growth of microorganisms. These media are usually lightweight and have a high specific surface area, allowing for the colonization of a large biomass within a small reactor volume.

The main functions of MBBR bio filter media are:

1.Surface Area for Biofilm Growth: The high specific surface area of MBBR media provides ample space for microorganisms to attach and form a biofilm. The biofilm consists of beneficial bacteria that degrade organic matter and remove pollutants from the water.

2.Protection of Biofilm: The MBBR media help protect the biofilm from shear forces and physical disturbances that may occur during the aeration or agitation of the wastewater. The media act as a physical barrier, preventing the biofilm from being washed away.

3.Oxygen Transfer: The design of the MBBR media allows for adequate oxygen transfer to the microorganisms within the biofilm. Oxygen is essential for the microbial degradation of pollutants and ensuring efficient treatment of the wastewater.

4.Mixing and Suspension: The movement and agitation of MBBR media in the reactor provide effective mixing and suspension of the media. This ensures uniform distribution of the biofilm, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the reactor, aiding in the treatment process.

MBBR bio filter media are typically made from materials that are resistant to biological and chemical degradation, ensuring their long-term performance in wastewater treatment applications. Different shapes (such as cylindrical, spherical, or cross-shaped) and sizes of MBBR media are available, allowing for customization based on specific treatment requirements and reactor designs.

The use of MBBR bio filter media in wastewater treatment offers advantages such as high treatment efficiency, compact system footprint, robustness against varying influent conditions, and the ability to handle high load variations. It is commonly applied in various wastewater treatment applications, including municipal wastewater treatment, industrial effluent treatment, and decentralized treatment systems.

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