Raw material pretreatment equipment


Most of the materials used in plastic molding processing are powder or granular materials. Due to resin shipment or other reasons, the raw materials may be mixed with mechanical impurities, moisture, etc. The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and production efficiency of plastic products. If the impurity content in the raw materials is large, it will not only affect the appearance quality of the products, but also seriously affect the mechanical properties and electrical properties of the products. It is easy to generate from impurities during use. Cracking, etc.; excessive moisture content of highly hygroscopic plastics will not only cause difficulties in the molding and processing of the materials, but also make the products prone to bubbles, water marks, etc., affecting the performance and appearance quality of the products. Polyester materials High-temperature hydrolysis reactions may also occur, resulting in inability to process and shape. In order to ensure production safety and improve product quality, plastic raw materials usually need to be pre-processed according to the material type and purpose before molding and processing, and then mixed, plasticized and molded as needed.

The so-called pretreatment mainly refers to the screening, filtration, preheating, drying and grinding of plastic raw materials. Pretreatment equipment refers to the devices and equipment used to pretreat plastic raw materials, mainly including screening and filtering equipment, preheating and drying equipment, and grinding equipment.

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