Maintenance of high-speed mixer


①After the mixer is operated for 10 hours for the first time, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out, and the bolts of each connecting part should be tightened once if necessary.

② Regularly check the tightness and wear of the V-belt, and adjust the distance-adjusting bolts to ensure that the motor always works in the best condition.

③Inject lubricating oil into each lubrication point regularly.

④ The mixer should be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing pot, discharge valve, etc. should be cleaned as required. Compressed air can be used for general cleaning, and a clean rag can be used for cleaning when shutting down.

⑤ When the mixer is parked for a long time, anti-rust grease should be applied to the mixing pot, discharge valve and other working surfaces to prevent moisture and corrosive substances from corroding.

⑥The mixer needs frequent inspection and regular maintenance. When wearing parts are seriously damaged, they must be repaired and replaced in time, such as main shaft, sealing ring, stirring paddle, discharge valve, etc.

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