Composition of auxiliary equipment of extruder production line


       There are many types of extrusion auxiliary machines with complex compositions. Different processes are composed of different auxiliary devices. However, various auxiliary machines generally consist of five basic links: shaping, cooling, traction, cutting, and coiling (or stacking). In addition to configuring corresponding equipment according to these five basic links, some other mechanisms or devices are configured according to the specific needs of different products, such as tension adjustment devices for film or cable auxiliary machines, preheating devices before coating, pipe diameter or film thickness Automatic feedback control device, etc.

According to the method of obtaining the shape and size of extruded products, plastic extrusion molding auxiliary machines can be divided into the following three categories.

(1) Direct extrusion molding auxiliary machines are formed by the machine head to give the size and shape of the product and then cooled and shaped to directly obtain the product, including extrusion auxiliary machines such as granulation, pipes, plates (sheets), special profiles, and wire and cable coatings. .

(2) The auxiliary machine for extrusion and stretch molding is to stretch the parison formed by the machine head to a large extent (unidirectional or bidirectional stretching), and use the stretched shape and size as the shape and size of the product, including films, Forming auxiliary machines such as monofilament, biaxially oriented film, foam sheet, packing tape, tear film and mesh.

(3) Extrusion molding unit: The blank is formed by the machine head, and then the final molding is achieved using the molding device, including hollow molding (such as plastic bottles), bellows and other molding auxiliary machines.

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