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PE Tube Making Machine Line

Here is an introduction to Kangju Machinery's esteemed PE Tube Making Machine Line, aiming to enhance your understanding of its exceptional quality. We warmly welcome both our existing and prospective customers to join us in forging a brighter future!

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Product Description

HDPE series plastic pipe production lines manufacturer and supplier

The HDPE series plastic pipe production lines are primarily designed for the production of waste supply and drainage pipes in agriculture and construction applications.

The comprehensive PE Tube Making Machine Line comprises an extruder, mold, vacuum calibration tank, and hauling unit, along with optional components like cutting units and stackers.

The single-screw extruder and hauling unit incorporate renowned A/C frequency conversion speed control devices, while the vacuum pump and water pump are sourced from trusted brands. The hauling units are available in various configurations, including double-claw, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw, eight-claw, ten-claw, and twelve-claw types.

The cutting process can be achieved using dust-free cutting machines, saw blade cutting machines, or planetary cutting machines, all of which offer reliable performance.

With specialized equipment, the production efficiency is significantly enhanced. In addition to HDPE, the line can also handle materials such as PP, PE, ABS, PPR, PEX, and silicon core tubes.

The planetary cutting machine features computer-automated control, ensuring ease of operation and reliable performance. This technology has attained international standards of excellence.

Functions at a glance

1.Reliable gearbox

2. Bimetallic screw and barrel

3. Screw oil cooling

4. Mold air cooling

5. Automatic water temperature control

6. Automatic water level control

7.Reliable rubber block

8. Reliable cutting tools controlled by PLC

9. Siemens brand motors and electrical parts

Model extruder Pipe range(mm) Capacity (kg/hour) Main motor power (kW) Total power (kW) Line length (meters)
PE-63 SJ65/33 16-63 120-180 45 110 28
PE-110 SJ65/33 16-110 150-200 55 130 28
PE-160 SJ75/33 150-160 180-220 75 150 30
PE-250 SJ75/33 75-250 280-350 90 280 30
PE-315 SJ90/33 110-315 300-400 132 350 36
PE-450 SJ90/33 160-450 350-450 160 400 42
PE-630 SJ120/33 315-630 550-850 200 550 45
PE-800 SJ150/33 450-800 800-1200 250 650 45
PE-1200 SJ120/33 90/33 710-1200 1000-1500 285 800 48
PE-1600 SJ120/33 120/33 800-1600 2000-3000 500 1200 48

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