Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine
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Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine

China kangju® high quality WPC Plastic profile extrusion machine line includes material feeder, twin screw extruder, water cooling& calibration table, hauling off machine, cutting machine and stacker.

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Product Description

The Introduction of plastic profile extrusion machine of Wood Plastic

Wood plastic is a composite material and make use of sawdust, wood powder, bamboo powder, rice hull, wheat straw, bean hull, peanut shell, bagasse, cotton straw and other kinds of low degree biomass fiber as the main raw material composed with plastic. It has the advantages both of vegetable fiber and plastic with an wide scope of application. It covers almost all the application fields of the log, plastic, plastic steel, duralumin and other similar composite material and solves the problem of the rebirth use of the plastic, scrap material in the wood field.

The wood plastic composite has the both features of wood and plastic so it has the appearance of natural wood and can be sawed, nailed, sticked and printed. General speaking, the rigidity of the wood plastic composite material is 2~8 times higher than the unprocessed wood and abrasive resistance 4~5 times higher even higher than marble.

The use of additive gives it many special features. Further more, it is a environmental material and can be recycled and used repeatedly with low cost of the raw material. It has much benefit in reducing the environmental pollution, protecting the wood resource, boosting the economic development and thus gains much attention of many studies.

Since 1990s’, many countries of North America and Europe has done many researches. In recent years studies of it has been increased in China gradually. The production and application of it is increased rapidly. In North America and Europe the consumption of the wood plastic composite reaches 680 thousands tons in 2002. It is anticipated that it will increase in 14% and 19% every year which is higher than the general growth rate of the plastic industry in the same term.

WPC plastic profile extrusion machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. Kangju Machine is a manufacturer in China.

plastic profile extrusion machine specifications

Model Extruder Main Motor (kw) Working width Capacity (kg/h)
SJS-65 65/132 37 0-300 150-200
SJS-80 80/156 55 0-300 250-400

plastic profile extrusion machine Applications

plastic profile extrusion machine applies to make Outdoor landscape, fence, pergola, decking, gratings, sauna board, poles,etc.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine

plastic profile extrusion machine Features

plastic profile is an outdoor product that is environmentally friendly and non -polluting, which can be recycled for re-extrusion use, and which has the characteristics of water-proof, moisture -proof, flame -retardant, mould -proof, weather- resistance,non -fading, long life,etc. Also, it can be processed by drilling, sawing, nailing, plans and other processes like wood,which can be quickly installed and loved by customers.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine

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